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MHBC History

Mt. Hebron Baptist Church was established August 30th, 1927. This is a result of a Bush Arbor meeting on the farm of a local resident. The church is named after Mt. Hebron located in Hart County, GA where one of the members lived before moving to Franklin County.


  Sixteen people came forward that day, either presenting letters from other churches or being "vouched" for by other members. Since that meeting in 1927 Mt. Hebron has grown significantly in number. Today in 2023 it has a total of 400+ members and a board of 7 deacons. It is currently under the leadership of Pastor Mike Norton. We are located at 3620 Hwy 59 in Spruce Pine Alabama.


Our goal is to be a soul winning and sending church, and for the last 96 years Mt. Hebron has been a lighthouse in the community - teaching and preaching the Gospel and ministering to people's needs.


Our prayer is that God's blessings continue to pour out onto this church until the Lord returns. 

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